Who we are as a foundation

Red Bluejay is a spin-off from Holst Centre and was created in 2012 with the purpose of bringing the following to the regions where the foundation is active: spreading the mental legacy of Open Innovation and Co-Creation; assisting organisations with their innovation culture by generating new ideas and advancing knowledge exchange.


The ultimate goal is creating more jobs.
These goals can be closely linked, but can also be worked on separately. Red Bluejay is a foundation without a profit earmark because sharing knowledge works best in a safe-haven. Read more about Red Bluejays.

Our values

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Our Team

We are proud to have a team who bring very complementary
viewpoints to the foundation.

Margot Nijkamp-Diesfeldt

Managing Director

The career of Margot Nijkamp is characterised by the start-ups of organisations like Packard Bell Europe, Intermec EMEA, Emergency One and Holst Centre. Margot was involved in these organisations from the start on an MT-level. The contents of her contribution lies mostly in Human Resources, Communication and Operations. At the start-up of the Holst Centre in 2005, Margot developed a specific HR-strategy to let talent flourish in Open Innovation. After several years Holst Centre had been successfully built up to 240 international talents at which point Margot started the spin-off: Red Bluejay. To explain and help other organizations to successfully implement Open Innovation Culture. Besides that, Margot is a real storyteller and loves to write novels.

Carlijn van Beek

Multimedia Designer

After finishing her study Communication & Multimedia Design, Carlijn joined the team of Red Blue Jay in 2019. She cheerfully swirls through the office and is happily asked about her view on projects and their communication. The curiosity that she naturally possesses provides a broad field of interest and expertise. Filled with passion and enthusiasm Carlijn is going work on our own Branding and Design activities and those of our partners. In her spare time she likes to sing, dance and train with her dog: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever "Milo".

John van Eck

Finance Coordinator

As a Finance coordinator John takes care of the administration of Red Bluejay. John was born in Wageningen and lives in Grave. He has about 35 years of experience in a wide variety of administrative affairs. Besides his work John likes to run and to cycle and is also a proud father of two sons. He is a real Red Bluejay because of the sense of humor he brings to the team.

Susanne Franken

Program Manager

Susanne Franken joined Red Blue Jay in the position of Program Manager. As a hospitality professional, she is a natural communicator and makes everyone feel at home. With her support and organization skills she keeps the team sharp and focused. Susanne is warmhearted and always interested in interacting with people with a different background. Her favorite travel destination is Asia. She loves to spend the weekends with friends and family.

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Board of Directors

Aart Nijkamp

Board Chairman

Aart Nijkamp is a socially committed entrepreneur. As a lefthander he always looks for creative ideas and solutions. Currently Aart is the Managing Director of Acuity, where he brings his own style to growth and the direction of the company as an ICT-service supplier. Aart is also the Chairman of the Board at the Red Bluejay Foundation, because he strongly believes in the ‘live to share’ principle – which Red Bluejay does through knowledge exchange and spreading the way-of-working of open innovation and co-creation. 

Besides work Aart has many other interests like traveling, cycling and playing the drums.

Marc van Gelder

Board Member

Marc van Gelder was born and raised in 's-Hertogenbosch. Marc studied Dutch Law in Utrecht, which he completed successfully in 1993. Marc joined the Eindhoven-based law firm Banning Van Kemenade en Holland, later Holland van Gijzen. The office grew rapidly with several locations in The Netherlands and Marc was appointed Managing Partner at Holland van Gijzen Eindhoven.

In 2010 the office went independent and since has continued under the name Deterink Lawyers and Public Notaries with offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Marc mostly advises large firms with all aspects of labour legislation and aspects, with an emphasis on reorganisations and employee benefits.

Morela Lathouwers-Bor

Board Member

Morela Lathouwers-Bor graduated as a master in business economy at the Tilburg University. After having fulfilled several jobs at among others Mees Pierson and ABN AMRO Bank, she accepted the position of Department Head Finance in 1999 at TNO Science & Industry, one of the core areas of the publically funded TNO-organisation. This position she held for approx. 9 years. In 2008 she joined Imec Netherlands as the Director of Finance. Imec NL is the Dutch subsidiary of Imec International and is part of Holst Centre. Holst Centre is an open innovation R&D centre founded by TNO and Imec in close collaboration with the Dutch government.