5 years Red Bluejay

Little did I know, when I spun out of Holst Centre 5 years ago, that it would come to this… The main belief of Red Bluejay was: for innovation you need unexpected talents. The only thing I took with me (besides grey hair, wrinkles and some experience) was the Open Innovation Game I wrote at Holst Centre. As it turned out, the human factor in open innovation was a field nobody had really put focus on before. And yet it is the most determining factor out there.

And so I grew the package with new games, workshops and consultancy. I was invited to speak at various conferences, always bringing back more work with corporates, regions and educational institutes. 
We have recently set up the Open Innovation Academy at the High Tech Campus, where all our instruments (see below matrix) are embedded in an innovation curriculum. (Once a starter-upper, always a starter-upper.) 

The happiest moments at Red Bluejay have been expanding the team. I truly do get to work with the best for the best. And one of the main highlights was to be able to thank our partners, customers and team for their continued trust and feedback over the past five years. Onto a bright future!


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