Kicking into gear: Fieldlab Smart Base

We have always conveyed the message that the principles of Open Innovation can be applied in every field where the crisis for resources in real enough. For the Dutch Ministry of Defense (MoD), specifically the Land Warfare department, this was true enough. The goal of the Concept Development and Experimentation team was to reach out to external organizations to come to new concepts for future army bases. The main drivers being: sustainable and fast.

Red Bluejay was introduced to work on the program level to define how to create the Open Innovation climate needed to be able to get to the right results. OI was new to the MoD, but also to the participating companies. On April 18th, 2016, we guided the kick-off of the program at the High Tech Campus, playing the Open Innovation GameÒ™ with the MoD and the 5 main regional development organizations. It instantly brought clarity in validating the essential partnerships connected with the Fieldlab Smart Base.

Meanwhile on the themes: water, energy, logistics and protection a total number of 145 projects were received and screened for further collaboration. Now 18 SME’s are preparing to set up camp at a flag location of the MoD to work in an Open Innovation mode, in close collaboration with the MoD people who will be using it in deployment. This gives the term ‘fieldlab’ an impressive extra dimension.

Curious about the impressions of the kick-off? 

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