Sights and Sounds of Co-Creation!

The successful pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi recently came to Eindhoven. Einaudi is one of the world’s most popular musicians and it was quite unique that he came to Eindhoven. The tickets sold out rapidly, probably because Einaudi touched many hearts with his movie music of the movie Intouchables. The announcement mentioned that Einaudi would be bringing a company of musicians instead of touring alone. You will understand that the expectations were very high and I sensed that all concert visitors were totally looking forward to the evening. There was that certain buzz in the air, the vibe was there!

Einaudi’s music can best be described as: modern classic, minimalistic and sometimes a cross-over to electronic. His music is always played with an uncharted emotional intensity. In the interview published in the theatre’s program book Einaudi is quoted: “In the piano I have found my house, that I built with my own hands, designed it room by room and furnished it with love. It is built with my life’s experiences and the things I love.” Einaudi is a true creator with a romantic angle.  

In terms of music the concert was phenomenal. The hall was almost in ecstacy and the musicians got a standing ovation that many a pop artist will dream about. The question is, however, if it was the quality of the music that left us enraptured or was it the way the musicians displayed their shared passion for music on stage and transferred this to their audience. I personally think it was the latter. Let me explain why: Einaudi’s company consisted mostly of young top talent, of whom many played multiple instruments. The ease and pleasure with which they were playing, was heart warming. The interaction between the musicians was almost tangible and Einaudi – the star of the podium – was the star without demanding centre stage. The podium was built up to have all these talents stand out which brought a perfect balance which made every musician clearly comfortable. Einaudi had eye contact with all of them frequently and obviously enjoyed the performances of these young talents. Through the trust shown in them, they all felt certain to bring exceptional quality. It was living proof that giving trust to a team is so important. Masterful!

During the concert every musician got the space to display their own quality. The hardest parts were not always played by the same people, but were divided among the team. This challenged every single member and left no room for routine performance.

The moments that the individual musicians got solo-parts, they all treated this with the utmost respect for musical excellence – none of them overly theatrical but just having fun in the process. Beautiful!

Einauldi shows what creative beauty looks like and how you can make people happy this way. Wat a privilege if you can compose like that and then to work with such gifted musicians. How wonderful if you understand to get the best out of people and to put this into practice with so much passion and energy in front of a large audience. That the crowd went wild is a logical consequence. Thanks Ludovico.

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