There is much to celebrate!

The Red Bluejay foundation was started well over two and a half years ago. In  these past 30 months we have worked hard and with pleasure to achieve the goals we have set ourselves for this first period. The good thing is that the goals we defined at the start were not linked to fixed quantative criteria. Not because we are afraid of measurable goals, but because we wanted to give Red Bluejay the space to organically take shape and grow.

Eindhoven is bursting with Red Bluejays!

The seat of the foundation was specifically chosen and for us could only be Eindhoven. The reason for this is the combination of people and highly skilled knowledge that we believe in and the feeling that the Eindhoven community would embrace the ideas of Red Bluejay. We are so happy that we followed our intuition. Eindhoven has bid us a warm welcome and we have been so fortunate to work with very gifted people in the region. From all walks of society connections have been made, which has given us the chance to get acquainted with many talents and to work with them on highly socially relevant projects. We now are certain: Eindhoven is bursting with talent and many deserve the label: I am a Red Bluejay.  A Red Bluejay is not a unique little bird; it is a state-of-mind! A Red Bluejay is able to recognise talents within him/herself and to further develop these and share the benefits of new knowledge and experience with others. Every person is full of talents. The only question is: do you have the gumption to actually do something with them?

Why a Red Bluejay feels at home in Eindhoven?

Eindhoven has ambitions and works hard every day to prove the place it has earned on so many levels. This is not for the status but to create a beautiful and livable surrounding for the inhabitants and the working population, where people can be themselves and further develop. Eindhoaven realises that all of this is only possible by rolling up the sleeves and put words into action with passion and straight from the heart. You sense this in Eindhoven, and it’s what we love at Red Bluejay.

Red Bluejay in business. Keep the soul alive! 

Our foundation created its own Open Innovation Game, which in the past years has been played many times and over 700 professionals have actively and enthusiastically taken part in the Game. The reactions of the many participants is heart warming and the Game is received as a real eye-opener. We could not have wished for a bigger compliment. The Open Innovation mindset has already been adopted by a number of large organisations as well as SME’s and will lead to the realisation that sharing and collaborating are the strategies for the future. Red Bluejay has meanwhile been consulted by a number of parties to develop their own Open Innovation strategy. On top of that our Managing Director, Margot Nijkamp, is frequently invited to speak at seminars and congresses to elaborate on the practical side of Open Innovation. This positive course in the field of Open Innovation and Co-Creation exceeds all our expectations and I want to thank every participant for the energy, enthusiasm and contribution to the success of the Game. Keep the soul alive!

Red Bluejay and talent development 

Where talent development is concerned we have set up multiple initiatives over the past period. We have helped students in developing new concepts; we have supported young entrepreneurs set up their business; we have helped people develop their own talents; we have brougt unique talents together on multi-disciplinary tasks; we have helped organisations with their talent development programs and we have regularly spoken at events to share with others. The results of our work are not measurable as such, but from the repeat business, the reactions and the references we receive, the growth of the start-ups we support and the personal growth of the talents we work with, we can conclude that the work of our foundation leads to solid results. We are happy to see there are so many Red Bluejays and the more people who discover the Red Bluejay in themselves, the merrier to make a difference. The movement has started and we are going to experience many many great moments together still. Every Red Bluejay is invited to join in making that difference.

  • Laurens Mannesse

    Fantastic! Congratulations with all the good things you have experienced! It's great to be in such a wonderful flow!

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